Instagram Sticker Support Small Business di Instagram

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Assalamualaikum, in this tutorial, I would like to share about sticker support small business on instagram. Recently, this sticker helps people to promote other businesses and its going to be the first story on instagram against other following story. So, lets get started.

Five simple steps to follow:
1. Update Instagram
You need to update your instagram to use this sticker, if not, you can't find it. Even if you update your instagram, rarely you still an't find the sticker. It happened to me hahahahaha, maybe it takes time lol.

2. Make a story
Make a simple story that you want to promote. Anything!

3. Find sticker support small business
Find that sticker.

4. Tag
Tag any business or any people you want to promote in your story.

5. Share
Dont forget to share!

For full tutorial, do watch this: Dont forget to like, comment, share and subscribe my channel.

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Terima kasih sebab sudi membaca entry ni :D Jangan lupa comment pulak . btw no harsh words okay ?